jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Monday, August 30, 2010


I am figuring out the secret to investing. Find out what makes you smile and invest in it like crazy.
This last week Daniel, Tenn and I traveled about 35 minutes from our home for a 4 day vacation with the Coles and Towells! It was a riot! Truth be told, my mother in law is a walking reality show. You wouldn't be able to make up some of the things that happen to her! So throw her into the mix of ANY situation and you have a party!
We love our family and most days I get sad thinking that Tenn has 2 amazing cousins that are such sweet girls and he doesn't get to see them much. So when we have the chance we spend some condensed, passionate and fulfilling time together and here it is.
So precious. 

Bucco De Beppo! 
Papa, Tenn, Mimi and Auntie Sara (along with our new cousin in her belly!)

Mimi & Tenn checking out the menu.

                     Uncle Nate and cousin Tic! Adorable!

My sweet Daniel.
Could Tic be any more adorable?

We love our family. We love time together and we treasure our time! We invest.
Auntie Sara and Daivia with Tenn and I

So on our first full day we headed to the zoo!

Tenn loves his Papa (and monkeys!)

Ok cheeseball...settle down. 

I love these pictures of Tenn with Carrie! He really adores her and even though he liked to play hard to get most of the trip he really loves her!

Oh the Carousel. Ahh my sweet baby boy. Who knew fake horses with lights and loud noises to scare a boy so much! HE clung to daddy and finally decided he could "perch" on the carousel but he was NOT happy about any of it!

I will have Part 2 of the vacation up soon! Baby woke up earlier then expected....... love it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

All in a (few) days work

I think I love the mornings more then anything else. I am not talking about the mornings from 5-6am (which Tenn has gotten in the habit of making that his wake up time), I mean starting at around 7:30 when we have had our time to wake up and we start looking for breakfast.
I was inspired to buy pancake mix and have had a lot of fun finding new things to put into it! And here we have......
Blueberry Banana Pancakes. YUMMM!

So after I made this I decided that it was about time that we celebrate fall.  Yes, it was only 70 degrees at 3 that afternoon but I had to do it. I HAD to break out the Pumpkin Spice candle and then bake. I am not a "baker" but I will be darned if I won't attempt to be on! And we have blueberry flax muffins.
This picture demonstrates everything that is right in the world: baked goods, french presses, bread with waaay too many seeds on it and hot muffins right out of the oven. Amen.

So back to the boy you came here to read about:

We spent our morning eating breakfast and then we found pictures of our babe and Tenn LOVED looking at them and pointing to daddy and yelling "AWWW dadadada". Such a sweet boy who loves loves loves his daddy.
So after our nap we headed to Costco!
Tenns hair tends to have a mind of it's own after naptime.

We then came home (where Tenn spilled juice all over himself!) and headed out to the craft store because if I am going to be a baker I mine as well add crafter to it!
Stopped first at Fred Meyer to get footie Pj's because, after all, it IS fall!

Who doesn't taste markers before they use them?
Another taste.
working on a masterpiece

SO then Gramma came to visit!
Tenn dinned on hummas... I know.

And on our Sunday....our sweet sweet day together we all head to church, then home for a nap and after that is where the fun begins! We headed to Issaquah to get a present for our friend Starrs wedding that is in a couple days and decided to go to Samammish for dinner to a great place that Amber Sollie recommended!

Tenn looks scared here but he really just liked checking out the lights, promise. 

Dinner from Tenns point of view.

So on our way home I looked back and baby and he was laughing in the most odd way and smiling like a crazy baby! So I took a couple pictures and I started laughing so much that he kept doing it! He is SUCH a funny baby boy!
Our little cheese ball. And we ended the night with a bath because (let's be serious) what great night in your life didn't end with a bath!

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The road less traveled.

I took the road less traveled and it made all the difference.

My life. I would not have imagined that it would have someday been where it is. And the truth is I could not have imagined it being this amazing, fulfilling and exciting. 
I have been given my life, not by chance, but by grace. 

So we set out, with snacks in hand in the 90 degree day! Tenn has been on strike from being in his jogger any longer then 15 minutes. Now that my boy knows he can walk he only wants to be pushed for a small amount of time then he gets this sweet look in his eyes, peers back at me and smiled. And I know, boy do I know I need to get this boy out!

Tenn sported his new Seahawks hat because (as you may or may not know) the football season starts in less the 4 weeks and it is about time our boy get ready to celebrate the best sport ever with his daddy!

So we walked around at the park for a bit and had our snack on the swing (notice the crumbs on the boys lips below).

Well after our walk we decided that this weather was a little too much to deal with! So what should we do... Well, we decided on TARGET! Honestly I love Disneyland but since we are SO far away from there then I deem that Target is the next best thing!
We Always make sure to check out the monkey gear when we get there because (let's be serious) is there anything more adorable then a baby boy decked out in monkeys?

My babe. Love him.