jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can I get "The loud ones in the library" for $400 Alex?

My sweet boy. Every once in a while I will hear him playing in his room and after a few moments it will go silent. As a mama you right away think "Silence?! What is he touching that he should not be?" And when I make my way into his room I try and be as quiet as I can so that I can spy on what he is doing. I watched him for a couple minutes before I thought "GRAB THE CAMERA". He was just sitting reading to himself! Such a sweet boy. In the mornings I have to move his basket of books to the floor (from the nightstand they normally sit on) or else he will scale toys and chairs to get to it (and it never ends well when he takes matters into his own chubby hands).
Such a sweet boy, after his mamas heart.

 So we took the afternoon and went to the Library! Sometimes I feel like a bull in a china shop when I take Tenn in there. He loves it, he really does. They have stuffed animals and racks and racks of books and the way he shares his excitiment is by throwing up his hands and screeching! Tenns favorite stuffed animals is a big mama gorrilla and her 2 babies.
 He is such a sweet sweet boy. Every couple of steps he will look back at me to see if I am following him and if I am he will just about freeze up with excitement and usually fall over. Then he proceeds to try and crawl as fast as he can away from me.
He is our sweet baby boy and he is perfect.

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  1. truthfully he can't help but be perfect! love his excitement over books already he is preparing you for his intellegence.