jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the beginning.

The morning has started. Tenn went to bed at his regular time last night but then decided to wake up AN HOUR EARLY! Now when he does this he usually just talks to his stuffed animals for a while.  During that time I float in and out of precious sleep. So even though he woke up an hour early he was retrieved from his crib at the normal time. A mamas gotta sleep! So because my lovely boy woke up an hour early I had to make a few cups of coffee.

The breakfast of champions.
So because my sweet baby decided to wake up early I decided I need to make sure he has a long long nap. So off we went.

Usually we take the Baby Jogger to the park. But today Tenn and I set out on foot! He did amazing!

We stopped on the path and hung out for a bit (which usually is mission impossible with all the ants around but we got out early enough that it was still a little the ants were not out).

Tenn LOVED walking around by himself and looking down the trail he spotted a couple dogs and (of course) he insisted we wait for them to pass by us before we could move on.

So after an hour at the park we headed home. As I type this Tenn is running from the living room to the kitchen. I guess I didn't get out as much of his energy as I wanted..... Oh well, another adventure.

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  1. it is amazing that you live so close to such incredible beauty! way to walk it out Tenn!