jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Monday, August 30, 2010


I am figuring out the secret to investing. Find out what makes you smile and invest in it like crazy.
This last week Daniel, Tenn and I traveled about 35 minutes from our home for a 4 day vacation with the Coles and Towells! It was a riot! Truth be told, my mother in law is a walking reality show. You wouldn't be able to make up some of the things that happen to her! So throw her into the mix of ANY situation and you have a party!
We love our family and most days I get sad thinking that Tenn has 2 amazing cousins that are such sweet girls and he doesn't get to see them much. So when we have the chance we spend some condensed, passionate and fulfilling time together and here it is.
So precious. 

Bucco De Beppo! 
Papa, Tenn, Mimi and Auntie Sara (along with our new cousin in her belly!)

Mimi & Tenn checking out the menu.

                     Uncle Nate and cousin Tic! Adorable!

My sweet Daniel.
Could Tic be any more adorable?

We love our family. We love time together and we treasure our time! We invest.
Auntie Sara and Daivia with Tenn and I

So on our first full day we headed to the zoo!

Tenn loves his Papa (and monkeys!)

Ok cheeseball...settle down. 

I love these pictures of Tenn with Carrie! He really adores her and even though he liked to play hard to get most of the trip he really loves her!

Oh the Carousel. Ahh my sweet baby boy. Who knew fake horses with lights and loud noises to scare a boy so much! HE clung to daddy and finally decided he could "perch" on the carousel but he was NOT happy about any of it!

I will have Part 2 of the vacation up soon! Baby woke up earlier then expected....... love it.

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  1. What can i say other than i seriously cried. i miss you guys so much. I know my pregnancy is a factor in the emotion but i really miss you all. i love you guys so much.