jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The road less traveled.

I took the road less traveled and it made all the difference.

My life. I would not have imagined that it would have someday been where it is. And the truth is I could not have imagined it being this amazing, fulfilling and exciting. 
I have been given my life, not by chance, but by grace. 

So we set out, with snacks in hand in the 90 degree day! Tenn has been on strike from being in his jogger any longer then 15 minutes. Now that my boy knows he can walk he only wants to be pushed for a small amount of time then he gets this sweet look in his eyes, peers back at me and smiled. And I know, boy do I know I need to get this boy out!

Tenn sported his new Seahawks hat because (as you may or may not know) the football season starts in less the 4 weeks and it is about time our boy get ready to celebrate the best sport ever with his daddy!

So we walked around at the park for a bit and had our snack on the swing (notice the crumbs on the boys lips below).

Well after our walk we decided that this weather was a little too much to deal with! So what should we do... Well, we decided on TARGET! Honestly I love Disneyland but since we are SO far away from there then I deem that Target is the next best thing!
We Always make sure to check out the monkey gear when we get there because (let's be serious) is there anything more adorable then a baby boy decked out in monkeys?

My babe. Love him.


  1. stopping by from Enjoying the Small have a beautiful family and I LOVE your son's name! :)

  2. YAHOO! Thanks- Kaitlin, I am finally here!
    I am so going to enjoy this - it is such fun to see such great photos of Baby Tenn and I love taking the journey of your life with him in both commentary and photos....LOVE IT!

  3. love your updates kit kat!

  4. ow you boy is damn cute...
    have a nice weekend..
    xo, Lorine