jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I love our church. I love our pastors. 
I love that Tenn is really starting to enjoy being in the nursery. 

This morning Tenn woke up a little bit before he normally does and since daddy is still sore from the dentist I got up with sweet baby. It usually takes me 10 or 15 minutes of listening to him in the monitor to finally be awake enough to greet my baby. I also (secretly) love listening to him chat to his stuffed animals when he wakes up.  The moment I open his door I can see his thoughts all over his face. He looks at me, smiles, reaches for the monkey stuffed animals in his crib with him, hands them to me, stands up and is beaming. It is like he is shouting "Yeah mama! I am ready to go! LET'S PLAY!". And so we do.
I am begining to understand that I can buy Tenn all the toys in the world but he really loves my old Starbucks straws (notice the one in his hand in the picture to the left). And let's be serious, I have enough of them to last him a while.

In the morning I love love love the smile on my boys face and I have loved to drink in that smile since he was *this* big. He is so sweet.
My heart melts when he picks up a stuffed animal and hugs it so close to his body. He will usually mutter a "ahhhhhhh" while he pats the animal on the back. Such a sweet boy.

So we finally get him to church and get him dropped off and I have to say I really am loving seeing him walk all around. He is starting to master the "walking with shoes" thing and I see him walking more and more like a boy and not a toddler. Precious.

On our way out of church today Tenn insisted on walking so there he went. Him and his father. My two favorite men in the world.

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