jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can I get "Where God would Vacation" for $800 Alex?

OK so the past few days have been like therapy! I have loved the fall mornings all bundled up inside with my boy. We have been baking and enjoying the fruit of our labor (maybe too much :)) and in the afternoons the fog lifts and we have been going on some pretty adventurous walks.
Is this not amazing!
I know John said that "For God so loved the WORLD..." but I am pretty sure he really meant "For God so loved the Northwest....".
SO pretty! View from my kitchen window!

My baby. We scored him some amazing Bee Slippers from a local store and I am grooming him to be a tea drinker. Look at how sweet he looks chillin on the couch withhis starbucks mug! Precious!

My boys favorite place to be in the entire house is in his fathers sock and underwear baskets. I don't understand it but he LOVES to crawl in there and flip his daddys undies and socks all over!
"What mom?"

SO in the afternoons we have been enjoying our walks and now that my baby has turned into a REAL BOY overnight it has been super fun to see him insist on walking during random times on our walk.

Here is the pictures that PROVE that God may love the whole world but his heart is in the Northwest.
Yes the red tape does say "DANGER", if you didn't know that IS my sons middle name. (It is actually to keep us walkers from accidentally thinking the steep cliff is part of the trail.)

All these pictures of the lake are from the trail that lines the 4 miles of the lake. It is the most beautiful scenery EVER! I always think "I need to hit NY in the fall, I bet it is amazing." But now I know I currently have the best fall destination.

This is somebody's view from their driveway, their house is just below this. Priceless!! (Actually, there IS a price for this house, I picked up a "for sale" flyer and I am not even going to repeat the price! It was that shocking!)
I loved this. This tree has 10 wooden sign on it that lists the last names of all the people who live on the street that lines the lake!
After a long days work we did what any boy and his mama would do. We made cranberry and orange muffins. Over the course of 5 days I ate all 12 of them. I bought them to make for my mom when she comes over to watch our boy overnight (for our first night away from him!). I am glad I picked up 2 boxes of the mix!

I have been watching way way way too much "Top Chef". After making my box mix of muffins I tried to make a cranberry and brown sugar reduction so that I could glaze the top of the muffins. It didn't work out.

The Cole house is excited it is fall and I am enjoying every moment of it.

I am SO excited for this weekend, it is our first weekend away from our boy and I am ready! Daniel and I already planned a late night movie with friends and my mind is racing thinking up ways to trick Daniel into taking me to Cheesecake Factory..... I will report back on (either) the failure of success of the plan!

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  1. i can so relate to the therapy found in nature. here's what is so amazing though, God gives us the vision to find beauty wherever He places our behind, we just have to have our eyes open to see it.

    phil. 4:11 "...i have learned, that whatsoever state i am, therewith to be content."

    ps- enjoy your weekend away!