jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A dream.

Have you ever mad a friend that was so ingrained into your heart that even when you don't talk to them for days you love them with your whole heart? During activities with your child you think "Oh I wish So and So were here we could be doing with all our kids!". Or you see your baby do something new and your heart leaps because you can remember your friends child do these same things years ago when they were the same age as your child is now.

I have a friend that I love with all my heart and no matter where we go or how far away life may move us (physically) we will always have such a special bond and friendship that we will constantly be thinking "If we could be together right now raising our kids and families together we would be!". My friends name is Annie and I love her with all my heart!

I can remember the first time I met her, I was waiting for another friend in a chiropractors waiting room and Annie was the front desk gal. It was a few years after that that we actually became friends and every moment with her is now a treasured memory.

I remember her coming to my office and telling me that she thought she was pregnant, her leaving and  taking a test and  her coming back to my office to confirm the news! I remember a couple days later finding out that she had lost her first baby and being heartbroken for her.

I can remember falling in love so hard with her firstborn and her inviting me into his life just like she would her own sister. I celebrated family birthdays with her and her family and my heart was turned onto the idea of being a mama by watching her with her boy Brady and I love the chance I had to grow with him for a few years. I remember Emma her daughter being born and waiting int he waiting room with Brady and talking to him about his baby sister and finally hearing her cry.

I can remember as I was going into labor all I could think "Oh Annie Jean I hope you are ready for this" and she stood by my side and her and my husband each held a leg as I push my baby out.
I love my Annie and her babies. I think I love those kids as much as I do my own (or pretty darn close!). I love having a friend that I know is totally on my side and always believes the best about me and the best for me. She is truly a blessing from God and we share a passion for being mommies and I can say with total confidence that I would not love being a mama as much as I do if I would not have watched her with her babies. God has used her to transform my life. We have walked through life and all the issues that come with getting married, moving jobs, having kids, moving homes and cities and I can truthfully say I never want to do life without her with me.

So with all that said, I got the chance to watch her youngest babe jackson for a few hours the other day while she and her husband attended a conference in my area and I am pretty sure it was a much bigger blessing to ME then to her. This baby has eyes and a smile that will slay you. He is so cute and SUCH a good baby (but I guess when you are the 3rd you don't have much of a choice but to go with the flow!).


Tenn woke up after a while and we all got to hangout! Tenn is currently obsessed with babies and loves to say "be-bay" and he was all about Jackson.

Some mornings while I make Tenn his breakfast I dream about a life where Annie and her family live right next door to us and her and her babes come over for breakfast everyday. As much as I try and convince Annie that she needs to move her husband and her kids to Seattle I realize that God has both of us exactly where he wants us and that is way more important then my selfish heart wanting to see my fav friend everyday.
So we will continue this long distance friendship and I will continue to dream about being greeted by this face every morning :)

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