jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, November 5, 2010

I seem to be running a fever.....

I caught something. And it happened *this* quick.
Ladies, I have BABY FEVER.

Now Daniel and I have been trying for baby #2 for a couple months and I am confident that I will be pregnant at the perfect time but something about today......

The truth is that I love everything about being a mama. I LOVE being pregnant. I think it is the most amazing time and I can tear up at the sight of a pregnant woman. You would not believe how many pregnant woman I strike up conversation with everywhere I go! I feel the need to let them know that I LOVE that baby inside of them. I share with them my sons age and how important it is so enjoy (not just kinda enjoy but soak up and bathe in) every moment of your infants life because too soon your babe will be a child and not your limp sweet cuddly babe.

I feel the need to smile at these woman and it takes everything in me to refrain from molesting their tummies and crying ( A little information: I cry for every emotion-happy, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, joy.... my husband loves this about me-hardly).

And it isn't just the pregnant woman that I love but the babies...oh the babies.

The truth is that I just flat LOVE every part of being a woman. I love that God has made my body so perfect to grow my child and that my body is perfectly equipt to feed and nurture that child.

When Tenn was an infant I would rock him and literally sob thinking about all the babies all over the world that don't have the touch of their mama to calm them, they don't have parents that delight in them or en environment that brings them peace. My heart truly aches for them.

So this is the way I know I have caught baby fever. Ready?

I overheard 2 women talking about how your "unmentionables" are never the same after you deliver a baby! From that I thought back to delivery and how wonderful it was. Did I have an easy delivery? Not too bad, I pushed for 2 hours then my mom (who was also my midwife) vacuumed my son out-and the epidural didn't work). So it wasn't that bad. And then there was the stitches, oh Lord!

But after all this time my feelings towards that day and every day leading up to it and everyday after it are of pure joy and fulfillment. I really just LOVE motherhood and every single part of it. It is rough and somedays makes me tired just to think about adding 2 or 3 more kids to my family but everynight after I put Tenn down I feel such a sense of "ya, this is what I was made for".

So Daniel and I will continue to work for baby #2 but in the meantime I will enjoy every moment with my son and continue to remind myself that God totally knows the desires of my heart.

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