jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, December 31, 2010

It will only get better..

You know when you are having a really bad day and you think "it can only get better" well I also think that about my great days too.

I am not this "glass half empty" kinda gal. Today is great and tomorrow will be greater yet.

As I type this it is 12 hours until next year and in the background I hear my husband playing Madden on xbox and watching Arrested Development on his laptop and my babe is in the other room talking to his stuffed animals (he will eventually go to sleep but not before a heart to heart with his monkeys).
Life is good. My husband is on vacation and my babe is sleepy, Life is great.

I think back on this year and even the rough times bring a smile to me. The rough times worked out-they ALWAYS work out. Maybe not how I want but the Heavens know that it works out in the best way.
This past year I have spend many hours giving God ideas on how he needs to make things work. I have told him the income that would work best for us and the job that would work best for us. I have even told Him the house and friends that would be ideal and guess what? He took NONE of my ideas. Seems kinda selfish right? Sometimes it does seem that way but in the end I realize God chose the best way for us.

I realize it when I get Tenn in the morning and he smiles at me with his sleepy eyes, when Tenn can't sleep because his teeth ache or when I fall asleep listening to Daniel laugh at whatever he is watching on the laptop in bed next to me. It is during those sweet times that I know God has done great things for us.
And I am confident that next year will only be better because God told me so. My God is for me and my family and even if we don't get what we think would be the best I know that God sees the beginning from the end and THAT is how I know it will only get better from here.

So here is the wrap up for 2010 (I figured I should put up Christmas pictures before 2011).

I had to put this first because my niece Daivia is just THAT cute!

I finished Christmas shopping in heels and it felt GREAT!

 My son is adorable when he paints. I love it. He focuses so hard. And 2 minutes later he is over it.

 Dai woke up from her nap about 2 hours early and she sat on Daniels lap like this for 5 minutes, just staring. So Daniel asked "want to go back to bed" and her response "yaaaaaa". So sweet!

Decorating Christmas cookies at Mimi and Papas. I ate way way too many!

I accidentally gave Tenn a cookies with food coloring instead of frosting. Oops.

Dai loves her food!

Christmas at Mimi and Papas!

I need to work on making my neck look...slimmer.

Tenn and cousins Ticiana and Daivia.

Tenn is overwhelmed by his gifts! Tough life!

Now to Christmas at Grandmas:

I see where Tenn learned to smile......

love. love. love.

I adore him hugging my legs....unless I am trying to get something done :)

And that is all for 2010. It has been an amazing year full of change and the favor of God.
This next year will be full of pictures of Tenn experiencing his TERRIFIC 2's.

It is a life full of surprises, disappointment, love, laughter, tears and joy. What a wonderful life.

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