jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Monday, December 20, 2010

The mama gene

I am pretty sure that the day I pushed out my babe (or should I say "the day my midwife (who is also my mother) vacuumed out my boy") I received an extra helping of the "Mama Gene". You know, the one that instantly makes you love EVERY baby and think that every newborn is the most beautiful thing ever. It is also known to make you think that pregnant women are the most beautiful people and the thought of delivery doesn't make you queasy anymore but it makes you smile thinking of how amazing your body is and how great God is for making us able to perfectly grow a baby inside of us.
Ok, well I got that gene but there seems to be a defect with mine because I am realizing it is about a million times more potent then the normal "mama gene".

If you are a pregnant lady around me I WILL strike up conversation with you.
If you are a pregnant lady around me I WILL ask you a million questions (usually very personal).
If you are a pregnant lady around me I WILL get teary when talking to you about delivery.
If you are a pregnant lady around me I WILL remind you that us moms will give you a million words of advice that "worked for my baby" but you need to remember that your baby is different then every other baby that has ever been born so don't take the "worked for my baby" advice too seriously-or you will feel like a failure when it doesn't work for you.

Yes, I am that woman who accosts other women with kids in the clothes section at Target. And frankly I LOVE it. I love talking to woman who are pregnant with their first baby and reassuring them that birth isn't horrible (even though the only stories that stick in your mind are the 72 hours of hard labor stories) and telling them that when they put that crying babe in your chest and you whisper "I love you" to them that they will look at you with their big blind eyes and settle down because they have been falling in love with your voice from the beginning of time.
I love passing on the same words of wisdom that by fav friend Annie gave me before I became a mama. That during the nights when your babe won't stay asleep longer then 30 minutes and you are exhausted and want to toss them into their crib remember that someday very very soon your heart will think back on those nights when your baby needed YOU and you will yearn for just one more night of it.
So in memory of my days with baby Tenn here are a few pictures:

Halloween night!

hummm... Tenn getting pushed around by cousin Tic. She is preparing for cousin/sister domination.

I had to blow it up! Bad quality but GREAT face!

So on to a new topic: We had our Ugly Sweater Sunday at church and I have to say I LOVE my church. Daniel and I bought old woman sweatshirts the night before and I threw together an ugly outfit for my boy. More people thought his outfit was cute then understood I was going for ugly. Bummer.

He woke up in a great mood. Ready for Ugly Sweater Sunday!

Cheese ball. I love this "just woke up smile"

Oh that face and hair. SO CUTE!

So this is him in his ugly sweater, Ok, so not super bad but the fast that there is a turtle neck under it reminds me of Christmas Vacation. My sister did point out that she bought that sweater for Tenn-so I quickly had to lie and say it was the turtleneck that made it ugly.... truth is- it is a little bit of both :)

I said "smile pretty!" Funny Erica.

I put lipstick on my teeth on purpose.... But that joke failed.

 Family photo 2010. My sweater is NOT flattering. And Tenn has quite the smile/growl face!
                                  I made my husband pose for this. Can you tell it was forced?

And with that we begin the week countdown to Christmas!

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