jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, January 21, 2011

FOUND: Priceless Treasure!

Hello blog world. I have been away for some time. You know, if I am to be honest I walked by my computer everyday and thought "maybe today?" but Tenn's nap time was just the perfect time for me to rest (and by rest I mean watching DVR'd Top Chef, Real Housewives and The View). Yeah, I am THAT mom and I am OK with it.
Tenn has been a mover and shaker lately. We had to move his bed time back because he casually hinted (read: screamed for an hour) that he wasn't ready to fall asleep at 7pm anymore.  So, that was fun. My babe is almost 20 months old! We spend the morning watching videos of him being born. And I made a couple mental notes: 1. Holy cone head baby! 2. Mama needs to put away the notion that you should be comfortable during delivery and focus on looking picture worthy. I look like a homeless woman. 3. I need to watch what I say when my husband is video tapping.

At any rate I was flipping through the camera and found some TREASURES. You know, Toddler fresh from a nap, pictures with cousins etc.

So enjoy!

sweet rosy cheeks!

I am pretty sure that my son is the most happy when he is roaring like a lion (as pictured above).

The Guy who makes sunsets has a thing for me.

smelling the candle at IKEA

Still smelling....

I don't think he was into the "rose" scent.

action shot of Tenn "fist pumping" while chanting "HAWKS,HAWKS,HAWKS" and they lost.

Cousin Dai came by for a visit. She is ADORABLE!

And I am spent, We leave for Yak today and already have playdates scheduled! We also will get to meet our newest niece Joella! Can't wait!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Calories? I don't even remember what those are.

Is "stuffed" a good word to use around this season? I am constantly feeling full. I learned a very valuable lesson: A body CAN run on mini snickers and coffee for a couple days.
Thanks to my dear mother in law, we brought home quite a bit of candy (and I won't even mention the Costco boxes of snickers and Reece's cups my mom got Daniel). I am not sure how it happens but everyday I find empty wrappers around my house. And the truth is that they are (almost) all from me. YIKES!
I wore a dress to church today just because I didn't want to have to find pants that wouldn't make me look like a marshmallow. Tis the season, right?

With that said, we enjoyed a VERY lazy Saturday. Best Saturday yet (in my humble opinion).

Chubby baby hands. The baby is almost all gone.

"Look at my firetruck dada"!

I love how Tenn will give you something and then sit on your chest to look at it "with" you.

Football, their fav pastime!

watching some football!

Yep, my babe gives me the stink eye.
It was a perfect day. Some days I think "if I could live in this moment forever I would" but then I remember that tomorrow will bring more love and more fun then today. And maybe another tantrum in Kohl's that will make our shopping trip super short. Either way, we love it.