jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dose of reality

“The world is full of women blindsided by the unceasing demands of motherhood, still flabbergasted by how a job can be terrific and torturous.” – Anna Quindlen


This  is not a fit, I know it may look like one but this is what my boy does when (he is tired) I say "Show mama your happy face". 

My boy has decided that his "happy face" is more of a growl. I kinda love it with all my heart. But I kinda get frustrated when I want him to look presentable in a picture and this is what I get.

Kinda like a lot of motherhood. 

***I would like to preface this with a personal shout out to my moth in love (aka my mother in law), I DO love my baby, I DO love him every second so please don't think that I don't!***

When I was pregnant I pictured motherhood to be more of a big happy day, a baby that knew when to sleep, knew when he was ready to move to 2 naps instead of 3 (and down to 1) and would communicate it to me. I thought it might be day after day of play dates with the people (and babes) I love the most and a baby that totally understood the word "NO" (I mean I KNOW he knows what it means now...even if he pretends not to). 

I thought it would be chalk full of trips to Target where my loving baby would smile at me and understand that the cart was the coolest place to be.

Long drives to where we need to go where I could say "we are almost there baby" and he would get quiet and smile at me, knowing that I was also annoyed for him (because mamas DO understand how boring a car ride can be for a toddler).

I pictured weekends being so carefree, daddy being home from work and all of us just "melting" to each other.

Well, yes, motherhood is possibly in the top 3 best things that has ever happened to me. But Jesus knows it is rough some days. 

Do I love this boy more then any child ever? Yes. 

Do I stay up at night praying for his future and the sweet girl that will steal his heart and take care of him as his wife? Yes. 

Do I also stay away thinking of everything that could go wrong in his life. Yeah, sometimes. 

So I think about our day and wonder "Did I tell him I loved him enough?".  All the time.

Do I look back at his baby pictures and smile with tears running down my face and think "Dis I kiss him enough and provide enough love?". Yep. 

Do I pray for him every night before bed and think "You have to remember this Kaitlin because in the blink of an eye you won't be allowed to kiss him before he goes down and he won't want you to read to him before bed." EVERY NIGHT I think about it.

Do I get SO frustrated some days when he is just trying to test me? Yep, I do.

Have I ever thought "Man, life was WAY easier before we had a kid!". Honestly, Yep.

Do I ever think I would want to take him back and do life as a young married couple again. Nope, never crossed my mind.

Being a mama is amazing. Is it hard? Umm my boy is 21 months and some days I think "How long will you be a cry baby?" and some days I think "Oh I miss when you wanted me all through the night", so much my heart aches sometimes.

We take on the responsibility of this life and maybe we don;t know what we are signing up for but we do it. 

We do it because we want to. 

Some times we have rough days and we do it because we have to.

But everyday when I tuck my baby into bed I think "I love you forever, no matter what you do or don't do. I will love you everyday until I die".

So mamahood isn't perfect or easy but it is worth it. Even when Tenn is having a rough day, it is worth it.

Love my baby boy, forever and ever.

Gramma came, saw and LOVED.

So I mentioned in my last post that I threw my back out. I am aware that I have the body of an 84 year old. I get it, I get that getting up from our desk (apparently) is enough to leave me bound to the floor for an entire day (and luck enough it was at the start of my husband 12 hours day).

But I digress, so when my mama got word I was down for the count she zipped over and I got to recover while she read and played with my boy. So 8 days after my "accident" (can I call having an old persons body an accident?) I am actually able to walk fully upright! Praise Jesus!

I LOVE that Tenn gets all big eyed and excited about reading. Especially is Buzz or Woody are involved.

 My mom is a trooper, do you notice that pillow and blanket on the couch? Yeah, she leaves her (very) comfortable home and comes and sleeps on our couch!

What could be be looking at?

Ahh, yes. What boy little boy wouldn't be mesmerized buy this! Also, I love my mom because she takes me to The Cheesecake factory. 

I feel like everyday my baby is inching closer to being a boy (he is actually a real boy now I just don't want to admit it).

Even though he has never seen a Toy Story movie he still LOVES Buzz and Woody. He will fly Buzz around the house and say "Howdy" to Woody. I Love it.

Thanks mama for your love and help!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Head case and 4/12

No No, not me, my boy. Hello head cold! Hello crusty eyes and always runny nose.

Well I need to say that I am all for my husband covering for the guy at his work who just had a heart attach (Even if it does mean 4 12 hour days back to back-added to 4 regular days of work to follow that) but knowing that an 11 day work "week" was heading our way we decided to hit the park. SO with daddy, baby and bread in tow we hit the lake.

Daddy feeding ducks, wonder where Tenn is?

Oh yeah, Tenn gets bored about 3 seconds into feeding ducks. 

Action shot on swing, I only had to take 5 million to get a non blurry one :)

All in a days work. I will get some of of my mama visiting (threw out my back and was on the floor for like 12 hours, starting at 8:30am, so thankful my boy can fetch his own diapers, skip a nap and eat whatever I could pull down from the fridge).

Monday, February 14, 2011

duck, duck, duck.......

This is where I get to feed ducks. Yep, amazing. I love it with all my heart.

I am pretty sure I am sexist when it comes to feeding ducks. I try to only feed the girls, the boy ducks are SUCH bullies.

 Umm....a self portrait is super hard, this is what I could manage.
 I think this is what heaven will look like. At least I hope it does :)
What an amazing day. We LOVE where we live. If you are in the Seattle area let me know, I will show you around the best park ever.

Happy love day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Park Place for $500 please.

My mama came for a visit today! I always look forward to her visits and I love that Tenn clings to her when she is here and cries (serious cry!) when she leaves!
Today we hit the park.

Walk with Gramma

Nothing super exciting but since I have been sans camera all week (left the battery charger at my mamas house, 2 hours away) I just got it back and I am read to rock the Nikon once again!

Happy Monday night!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Date day!

My wonderful in laws came over yesterday and Daniel and I got to go on a date! Could there be anything more exciting for a stay at home mama of a toddler then lunch minus a babe and a movie?!

We saw the movie "Sanctum" and my advice? SKIP IT! Don't see it in the theater, don't wait for it to be on dvd, just skip it.

My direction for my husband for this picture "just don't make a face".

 Do you have any idea what it took for me to convince my husband to take a picture of us on our date? He said we had to wait until after the movie and for everybody to leave the theater!  Also, do you have any idea how hard it is to keep your eyes open for a flash when you have been sitting in the dark for 2 hours? No? Look at "exhibit A" below.

Tenn had so much fun with his Mimi and Papa! They got his Buzz pj's AND a Buzz doll. Can you spot the real Buzz?

I hope your Sunday lasts a long time and also that the Steelers would get their "bottoms" handed to them by Greenbay!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Somedays the sun just shines on us.

SO I have to say that I love where I live. Yeah, it may be 2 hours from my family and (most) of our close friends but seriously, winter in Seattle rocks.
Some days it rains, some days it pours and some days it is 50 degrees and sunny. On those days my heart is so happy because I know that baby and I can walk to the park, feed ducks AND play on the toys (and not have to wipe down the swings before we get our swing on.
I have mentioned it before but I am pretty sure that when God wants some alone time he heads to Seattle.

 Tenn still isn't allowed to climb on the toys without my closely behind him because he is in the super fun stage (serious sarcasm) where he thinks he can run and try to jump off any opening he sees. He also would prefer to try and walk down slides and since he is VERY top heavy (95% for his head...since the day he was born...yeah, OUCH!) he seems to fall a lot.

Dear Picasso, you have been dethroned. Sorry, you had a great run. 
 Tenns new fav thing is popcorn and he asks for it ALL day long and finally dada will agree. Daniel feels like a slave though because he will eat the hard kernel part and give the soft popcorn to Tenn and as soon as Daniel sets it down Tenn will scoop it up and ask for more right away.
When Daniel complains my response is always something loving along the lines of "What? You mean it isn't fun to be bossed around by a toddler all day?" Wife of the year right there.
I think I love Tenn's chubby feet more then the rest of him. They have been fat all his life (he didn't wear any shoes until about a year old because NONE fit his fat fat feet!) and they are still fat. He is just kicking back and waiting for dada to hand feed him some popcorn. What a life.

We (in Seattle) try to keep it a secret but the truth is that is doesn't rain as much as you think here. So the sun shines on us and I expect the SON to shine on us this weekend and not let the Steelers win!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yak: home to the most beautiful babes.

Ok so Yakima, WA claims to be "The Palm Springs of Yakima" and that is a HUGE joke to the people who live there. Do they LOVE Yak? yes, without a doubt. But Palm Springs? Seriously?
So on my most recent visit I received some information (and documented it with pictures) that Yak is home to the most beautiful babies. Please continue to read and view these photos as proof.

first stop! To Mimi and Papas!

We got to meet our sweet new niece Joella!
WOAH TENN! He is ready to grab the baby and RUN!

What a pro!

could there be a sweeter face?

Dai Dai! So pretty!

Is this how you have a tea party?

Am I the only one who LOVES a baby's face when they cry? I like it more when it isn't my kid though :)

This is what a Mimi and Papa are for!
 Sweet Joellas dedication at her church!

My sweet Sara Ruth and her ADORABLE baby boy Jace! I wish I lived in Yak so I could kiss and hug that sweet baby everyday of my life. I love his mama and I am SO proud of her!

 One of my fav friends from high school has the most beautiful girls! As I was chatting with her we both said that we can't believe we are mamas! And how much we LOVE it!

And lastly, a trip to Yak is NEVER complete if I don't get to see my favorite babies. Tenn and I went to Annie's home and got to hangout. I was amazed how big her babies are getting and so impressed with her as a mama!
She is such a blessing to my heart.
I could EAT him!

Brady! My first "baby love". I have adored and loved him since he was first born. He is SUCH a big boy!

This is Emma and she is guarding her cars. Tenn kept stealing them so she is on "high alert"!

Such a pretty lady!

My heart feels full after seeing friends and family in Yakima. I wish I could pack them all up and move them into our home.

Life is SO much better with family and friends who love you forever.

I hear my boy waking up from his nap, time to shut off The View, pack up the computer and love that baby.