jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gramma came, saw and LOVED.

So I mentioned in my last post that I threw my back out. I am aware that I have the body of an 84 year old. I get it, I get that getting up from our desk (apparently) is enough to leave me bound to the floor for an entire day (and luck enough it was at the start of my husband 12 hours day).

But I digress, so when my mama got word I was down for the count she zipped over and I got to recover while she read and played with my boy. So 8 days after my "accident" (can I call having an old persons body an accident?) I am actually able to walk fully upright! Praise Jesus!

I LOVE that Tenn gets all big eyed and excited about reading. Especially is Buzz or Woody are involved.

 My mom is a trooper, do you notice that pillow and blanket on the couch? Yeah, she leaves her (very) comfortable home and comes and sleeps on our couch!

What could be be looking at?

Ahh, yes. What boy little boy wouldn't be mesmerized buy this! Also, I love my mom because she takes me to The Cheesecake factory. 

I feel like everyday my baby is inching closer to being a boy (he is actually a real boy now I just don't want to admit it).

Even though he has never seen a Toy Story movie he still LOVES Buzz and Woody. He will fly Buzz around the house and say "Howdy" to Woody. I Love it.

Thanks mama for your love and help!

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