jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Friday, February 4, 2011

Somedays the sun just shines on us.

SO I have to say that I love where I live. Yeah, it may be 2 hours from my family and (most) of our close friends but seriously, winter in Seattle rocks.
Some days it rains, some days it pours and some days it is 50 degrees and sunny. On those days my heart is so happy because I know that baby and I can walk to the park, feed ducks AND play on the toys (and not have to wipe down the swings before we get our swing on.
I have mentioned it before but I am pretty sure that when God wants some alone time he heads to Seattle.

 Tenn still isn't allowed to climb on the toys without my closely behind him because he is in the super fun stage (serious sarcasm) where he thinks he can run and try to jump off any opening he sees. He also would prefer to try and walk down slides and since he is VERY top heavy (95% for his head...since the day he was born...yeah, OUCH!) he seems to fall a lot.

Dear Picasso, you have been dethroned. Sorry, you had a great run. 
 Tenns new fav thing is popcorn and he asks for it ALL day long and finally dada will agree. Daniel feels like a slave though because he will eat the hard kernel part and give the soft popcorn to Tenn and as soon as Daniel sets it down Tenn will scoop it up and ask for more right away.
When Daniel complains my response is always something loving along the lines of "What? You mean it isn't fun to be bossed around by a toddler all day?" Wife of the year right there.
I think I love Tenn's chubby feet more then the rest of him. They have been fat all his life (he didn't wear any shoes until about a year old because NONE fit his fat fat feet!) and they are still fat. He is just kicking back and waiting for dada to hand feed him some popcorn. What a life.

We (in Seattle) try to keep it a secret but the truth is that is doesn't rain as much as you think here. So the sun shines on us and I expect the SON to shine on us this weekend and not let the Steelers win!

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