jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yak: home to the most beautiful babes.

Ok so Yakima, WA claims to be "The Palm Springs of Yakima" and that is a HUGE joke to the people who live there. Do they LOVE Yak? yes, without a doubt. But Palm Springs? Seriously?
So on my most recent visit I received some information (and documented it with pictures) that Yak is home to the most beautiful babies. Please continue to read and view these photos as proof.

first stop! To Mimi and Papas!

We got to meet our sweet new niece Joella!
WOAH TENN! He is ready to grab the baby and RUN!

What a pro!

could there be a sweeter face?

Dai Dai! So pretty!

Is this how you have a tea party?

Am I the only one who LOVES a baby's face when they cry? I like it more when it isn't my kid though :)

This is what a Mimi and Papa are for!
 Sweet Joellas dedication at her church!

My sweet Sara Ruth and her ADORABLE baby boy Jace! I wish I lived in Yak so I could kiss and hug that sweet baby everyday of my life. I love his mama and I am SO proud of her!

 One of my fav friends from high school has the most beautiful girls! As I was chatting with her we both said that we can't believe we are mamas! And how much we LOVE it!

And lastly, a trip to Yak is NEVER complete if I don't get to see my favorite babies. Tenn and I went to Annie's home and got to hangout. I was amazed how big her babies are getting and so impressed with her as a mama!
She is such a blessing to my heart.
I could EAT him!

Brady! My first "baby love". I have adored and loved him since he was first born. He is SUCH a big boy!

This is Emma and she is guarding her cars. Tenn kept stealing them so she is on "high alert"!

Such a pretty lady!

My heart feels full after seeing friends and family in Yakima. I wish I could pack them all up and move them into our home.

Life is SO much better with family and friends who love you forever.

I hear my boy waking up from his nap, time to shut off The View, pack up the computer and love that baby.


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