jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am SUCH a grown up.

What is the mark of being a grown up? Marriage? Kids? Nay, I think that I figured out what a REAL adult is.
While sitting down to write a post I hear a call from the other room "Kaitlin? What are all these $10.00 charges at Safeway? There is one almost everyday this month". Well my husband was going through our credit card statement and what do you know? Somebody has been living it up at Safeway on our dime.
With frustration in my voice I responded to my husband and grabbed my phone. Long story short, I don't have a credit card for a weekish.
I can confidently say that I am not charging a measly 10 bucks at Safeway, home girl (me) doesn't enjoy grocery shopping with a toddler so I go once or twice a month.
Being an adult is a rough life.
BUT there are some pretty amazing things like:

 Deciding your family values and seeing your babe follow suit
Tenn reading his bible this morning.
Tenn watching the NFL draft with his daddy, something he will do for many years.
Getting fancy for Easter.
So I am a real adult. Credit card fraud, a kid, marriage and all. And raising a man who loves Jesus, loves football and getting dressed up for church.
Love this life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dang girl, this is intense!

Since Tenn was 7 months old I have read him books before bed and his nap time. He has always been a willing participant (which I have enjoyed greatly). Now at 22 months he absolutely loved being read to. He loves to study the books (inside and out).
A few months ago my friend Shari got him a "mommy and me" bible and it has taken a few months to convince him that he should want to sit through a story with very few pictures.
So yesterday I decided that I would read to him about Jesus crucifixion (Easter is just around the corner)! SO I started in

"Mary's face flushed red and little beads of sweat popped out of her forehead. She felt faintness creeping up from her stomach to her head and she grabbed a friends arm to steady herself. When a Roman solider slapped a whip across Jesus' back, Mary flinched. She moved to the back of the crowd, but she kept her eyes on Jesus. "get moving!" the solider shouted. Jesus hoisted the wooden cross to his shoulder and walked slowly down the road. 
Marys heart ached as the crowds of people shouted at her son and made fun of Him, "Yeah, look at the king of the Jews now!" "Why don't you call down and angle army and save yourself?" She had to look away, it was too heartbreaking. 
When the parade reached Calvary Jesus was nailed to the cross and as they dropped the cross into the ground Mary ran to the front of the crowd and stood straight below Jesus. The man on the cross was loving and kind. Mary had known him his whole life and he had never done anything wrong or unkind. Mary remembered 34 years ago when an Angel appeared to her told her that she would bear the One who was to be the Messiah, this must be what he meant. 
Mary looked into Jesus' eyes-the eyes of her son-the eyes of Gods son. Despite all the terrible things that were happening to him those eyes were filled with love, complete and total love. Even in the midst of being hurt, made fun of and killed. 
It was the oddest feeling for Mary when Jesus said "It is finished". When Jesus died a piece of her heart died too....and yet she knew she was reborn at that same moment. "

I have read verses like this for years but until I think about Mary (Jesus' mother) I don't fully understand the reality of what happened:

Isaiah 50:6  I offered my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard; I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting.
Matthew 26:67 Then they spit in his face and struck him with their fists. Others slapped him
Matthew 27:30 They spit on him, and took the staff and struck him on the head again and again.

For the first year of Tennyson's life I could not stand to be in the room when he got his shots. They occurred every few months and I could not stand seeing him cry. I would leave him in the room with my mom and sit in the car (and cry to myself).

When I think about Mary having to watch her child beaten (literally beaten, some translations say that the beating of Jesus left him unrecognizable as a man) I can't help but feel broken hearted. As a mama you will do whatever you can to avoid your baby being hurt.

The necessity of the death of Jesus applied to every person who has ever lived, whether or not you believe in the reality (or need of) a Savior.

I know this post is intense but it is with JOY that we celebrate Easter and the freedom, grace and forgiveness we have been given. Never could we deserve this grace but freely it was given. We remember the reality of the death of Jesus and we rejoice because He gave it all for us.

Happy Easter:)
P.S. Tenn has the MOST adorable Easter outfit, can't wait to show it off!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Travel

SO I had the most amazing paragraph typed and I then got distracted looking at old pictures. So I scrapped that and decided to look back.
Is it that obvious that I am a little sad my kid is about to be 2 years old? Look at these sweet baby pictures.
I used to think "people say this goes by fast but I am pretty sure some sleepless nights never end" and want to know something? It went by WAY WAY WAY too fast. I hope I kissed that sweet baby enough, even if I didn't I know that I make up for it everyday with enough kisses to choke an elephant.

Shh, don't tell my husband I put these up, I am sure he wouldn't want strangers to see his nipples :)

Happy Saturday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What a sicko.

I have a hate/hate relationship with Azithromycin. It is an antibiotic which is taken for 3 days and is for sinus infections. Well, we tried to give our boy it last week and he barfed (maybe it was the fact that it tastes like a chewed up aspirin). Tenn woke up sick (fever and rough rough cough) this am so I quickly called my mama and had her prescribe him some more (I figured it I give him the teaspoon dose with full on juice it would be OK). WRONG. I split his teaspoon dose into 3 separate sippy cups (with full juice) and it still tastes like an aspirin. So it may take my kid ALL day to take one dose.

In conclusion I would like to pass onto the Safeway Pharmacist that this indeed does not taste "great" and he should stop lying to people and saying that. I am kinda angry about it. I just want my kid to be better so I can hit the gym!

Sad sick babe.
On that note, Happy Friday :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

No place like a home away from home....unless your my son

This week I decided that it was time to pack up the baby and get to Yakima (my home town). I was SO excited. We visit Tenn's "mimi" and "papa" and Tenn and I stay at my mamas. It is almost a vacation for me (I didn't give my boy a bath any of the nights we were there nor did I put him down to sleep any night I was there). But from the time we got there Tenn would say " Go home" and I would explain that we will go home later (he would usually cry after I would tell him we were not going home yet). Turns our my babe isn't the greatest traveler ever.

Well (despite my sons "lets go home now" attitude) we managed to have lots of fun.

before we left, tenn chewing on Daniels drawstring while watching "Buzz and Woody"
 Our first stop when we got to Yakima was to Daniels parents and the first order of business was to get my babe a haircut. Lucky for us Auntie Sara cuts hair and isn't put off by my crying (actually screaming) kid.
first cut

it went downhill fast. I had to put the camera down and hold my kids head still.

Auntie Sara makes it up to him by playing in the bath with him. So cute!

The view from my in-laws back porch. So pretty!
 My sweet younger sister has had a rough 6 months dealing with her cat(s). First, she had to put down her cat of 14 years. Then she got another one and after a few days she found out it had "kitty aids" so that one had to be put down. Then, a neighbor STOLE her next cat! This all happened in like a months time. So, here is her new kitty, totally adorable.

Kitty learned (pretty quickly) to steer clear of my boy.

helping gramma water/mangle the flowers
 Because spring/summer is right around the corner we signed up our boy for Mommy/Daddy/ and me soccer. It is for aged 2-3 and I am so excited to see these kids "play" soccer! So we got Tenn some fancy Buzz and Woody shoes and a soccer ball and we set out for a "practice run" at grammas.
fancy new shoes and ball
Tenn doesn't get "don't use your hands"

 So maybe he isn't the next David Beckam, I tried.

 I have spoken about my fav friend here before and I make sure that every time I go to Yak I see her and her babies that I love SO much. They are getting way way way too big too fast.
"Pose Brady!" and this is seriously what he did!

I could EAT Jackson. SO cute!

I AM trying to smile, I just can't push a button and smile at the same time :)

Auntie Sarah!

 Please see below for proof that my niece's are way cuter then yours!

Dai sweetly kissing her baby sister!

Joella is not so sure she wants to get up!
I love my family.

Happy Thursday!