jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, April 7, 2011

No place like a home away from home....unless your my son

This week I decided that it was time to pack up the baby and get to Yakima (my home town). I was SO excited. We visit Tenn's "mimi" and "papa" and Tenn and I stay at my mamas. It is almost a vacation for me (I didn't give my boy a bath any of the nights we were there nor did I put him down to sleep any night I was there). But from the time we got there Tenn would say " Go home" and I would explain that we will go home later (he would usually cry after I would tell him we were not going home yet). Turns our my babe isn't the greatest traveler ever.

Well (despite my sons "lets go home now" attitude) we managed to have lots of fun.

before we left, tenn chewing on Daniels drawstring while watching "Buzz and Woody"
 Our first stop when we got to Yakima was to Daniels parents and the first order of business was to get my babe a haircut. Lucky for us Auntie Sara cuts hair and isn't put off by my crying (actually screaming) kid.
first cut

it went downhill fast. I had to put the camera down and hold my kids head still.

Auntie Sara makes it up to him by playing in the bath with him. So cute!

The view from my in-laws back porch. So pretty!
 My sweet younger sister has had a rough 6 months dealing with her cat(s). First, she had to put down her cat of 14 years. Then she got another one and after a few days she found out it had "kitty aids" so that one had to be put down. Then, a neighbor STOLE her next cat! This all happened in like a months time. So, here is her new kitty, totally adorable.

Kitty learned (pretty quickly) to steer clear of my boy.

helping gramma water/mangle the flowers
 Because spring/summer is right around the corner we signed up our boy for Mommy/Daddy/ and me soccer. It is for aged 2-3 and I am so excited to see these kids "play" soccer! So we got Tenn some fancy Buzz and Woody shoes and a soccer ball and we set out for a "practice run" at grammas.
fancy new shoes and ball
Tenn doesn't get "don't use your hands"

 So maybe he isn't the next David Beckam, I tried.

 I have spoken about my fav friend here before and I make sure that every time I go to Yak I see her and her babies that I love SO much. They are getting way way way too big too fast.
"Pose Brady!" and this is seriously what he did!

I could EAT Jackson. SO cute!

I AM trying to smile, I just can't push a button and smile at the same time :)

Auntie Sarah!

 Please see below for proof that my niece's are way cuter then yours!

Dai sweetly kissing her baby sister!

Joella is not so sure she wants to get up!
I love my family.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love these pictures! I love the caption where you try to smile but you can't smile and take a picture at the same time lol!