jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Travel

SO I had the most amazing paragraph typed and I then got distracted looking at old pictures. So I scrapped that and decided to look back.
Is it that obvious that I am a little sad my kid is about to be 2 years old? Look at these sweet baby pictures.
I used to think "people say this goes by fast but I am pretty sure some sleepless nights never end" and want to know something? It went by WAY WAY WAY too fast. I hope I kissed that sweet baby enough, even if I didn't I know that I make up for it everyday with enough kisses to choke an elephant.

Shh, don't tell my husband I put these up, I am sure he wouldn't want strangers to see his nipples :)

Happy Saturday.

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  1. I have never seen Dan's nipples. Thank you for this gift.