jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One of the cool kids.

That is if being cool involves hanging out with your mama everyday all the time.
Sun in Seattle. That has been the prayer in my heart. So when I wake up to see some me and the kid hit the park ASAP. The first words out of his mouth in the morning and last words before bed (he actually shouts them to me as I am closing his door) is "BLOW BUBBLES?!". Cute but after 17,000 times how do you say "It isn't a lot of fun for ME to get slimy everyday". SO I don't I just say "yes honey, soon"
Tenn sported his sunglasses (for longer then 2 seconds) for the first time and man.... did he look COOL!
 And here he is waving at his fans....

This is his blowing bubbles face. So cute. 
In conclusion I would like to invite the sun to come and stay another day. Please.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Somedays the sun just shines on us.

It seems like everyday I realize just how big a mamas love really is. Some days I think "how will I ever love another baby enough?" and other days (like today) I realize a mamas heart is graced to love and to love BIG.
During a serious fever/ear infection melt down and grabbed my boy, hugged him tight and whispered into his ear "Honey, even this makes me love you more and more". And it is true. Every single thing he does makes me love him more and more. His shy smile when he does something he is proud of, his "mama climb too?" when we are at the park, when he pats me on the back while hugging me and even his tantrums when I tell him "No Buzz and Woody until after dinner". It makes my heart swell with love. Because that's the way God made us mama, tough, resilient, and with a heart big enough to not only love our babies but every baby we see.
It may help (me love him so much) because I just got back from a 5 day vacation without him :)
Daniel and I packed up and went to Maui. First time in Hawaii for both of us and it was amazing.
How easily I forget how much I really like my husband, I mean, I know I LOVE him but sometimes I forget that I actually like being his friend too. Is it just me?
So please, take a gander at some of my fav pictures from our trip.

View from our room, ocean is to the left of the fountain.

Makes me want a house with a courtyard REAL bad.

Cheese Burger in Paradise

He isn't super excited about this picture :)

See Mal, sister are SUPPOSED to take their sisters clothes!
 And back at home we took an 8am trip to the park. Sweet babe. Summer just makes me happy:)
chasing bubbles

eating mud off his finger.