jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Sunday, June 19, 2011

love this life.

Today is Fathers Day and I feel so lucky to watch my boy love on his daddy. Tennyson may not understand what (and who) we celebrate today but as the years go on I know he will constantly think of how lucky he is to have such an amazing man to call daddy.
So here are some of the pictures we got framed for Daniel for today. Once we move into our new house (supposed to close in a couple weeks...praying!) I will show you where they go on our walls.

You may notice some pictures with snacks in them...... that's how I motivate my son:)

Happy Fathers day:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A (very secret) Fathers Day gift!

I have already established I am the best mama (maybe ever... except yesterday afternoon when I told Tennyson he needed to shut his mouth, it was a rough day. Kicked off my dropping a jar of spaghetti sauce out of my car and having it break all over me and the sidewalk). But I wanted to show you why I am the worlds greatest wife (minus the bad attitude, spurred on by the broken jar, when my husband came home).

Ok, well when I say it all like that I realize maybe I am not the best but rest assured, I am working on it. Part of working on being the "Worlds Greatest Wife 2011" is forcing my son to hold up signs I made that will spell out a VERY special message for his father for a gift. With that being said I must admit, I learned a very VALUABLE lesson: A 2 year old does not want to hold up signs (the correct way) when he can see toys, streams, dogs, birds to chase and hear other kids playing. I kept my cool and didn't turn into a stage mom but I did try and bribe him every second.... which also didn't work well,

So here are some shots of my son (who probably won't win 'Worlds Greatest Son 2011" unless he pulls it together for our next photo shoot:)

"MOM! There are birds to chase, why am I HERE?"

"I could make a better sign"

"Really, this is your best artwork mom?"

"Do you think I could outrun her?"
"You expect ME to hold this garbage up?"

"If I act excited maybe she will knock it off"

"Look at those other kids, their moms let them PLAY"
ACTION SHOT, this is him tossing the sign to the ground....
"You want me to hold what sign?... oh this one?"

"Mom thinks fruit snacks will get me to obey, HA HA HA HA"

HE is the most adorable boy ever....but we will keep working on his performance:)

We did get some great shots and I can't wait to share what we do with them for Fathers Day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Seattle

I want to let you know that anytime you can turn to summer. I would like to thank you for the sunny weekend (which was over 80 degrees) but I regret to be the one to inform you that your recent 55-60 doesn't cut it. Now I like you Seattle, I like you a lot. I think you are (possibly) the most beautiful and scenic place in the US but I may need to take a break from you and head back to Yakima for a couple weeks if you don't start taking us seriously and get your crap together.
I am sorry for the foul language but I have a boy who wants to swim and go to the park every stinkin' day and your super sucky weather is keeping us from that. So get it together or I may need to tale a break from you.

Now that that is out of the way I would like to show you what we did for my babes birthday. He turned 2 on June 6th and despite the cold weather we did whatever he wanted (including park and cupcake at Starbucks... of course I forgot my camera for the Starbucks trip).

good morning beautiful.

You want fruit snacks for your bday breakfast? Ok, they are all yours :)

Notice the apparel for our trip to the park on the 6th of JUNE!

2:00 on June 6th and the park is a ghost town.....
Tenn likes to climb and every time I picture him falling and breaking out a tooth....

He uses the "downward dog" to dismount (almost) everything.

Do I hear a plane? YES! Good luck seeing it through the clouds.

New fav thing "climb tree?"
This am Tenn wanted to read to Elmo! SO cute!
HE then read a book about Cookie Monster eating muffins and asked for them so we made some for breakfast! He is a stellar cook.

In conclusion I would like to remind Seattle that it IS June and I would like to see the sun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SO it happened, we celebrated my babe and his 2 years of life.

Some days it seems like he has been here forever (like the days when he just cries to hear his own voice, or when he runs away from me in a parking lot, or disappears from right beside me...I could go on:) But most days it feels like he was just placed on my chest, silent and looking around with his huge brown eyes. As I stroked his sweet face during his first breathes I remember thinking "This is only the beginning of so much love and so much fun" and he has been a riot eve since!

My 2 sisters!

SHe doesn't look SUPER satisfied with mamas finger :)

We also got to celebrate my sweet niece Daivia Joys birthday (she also turned 2)!

Could Joella be any more KISSABLE?

Dai was NOT into the bouncy house HA!


 SO I have like 50 pictures of Dai opening gifts but I found myself getting annoyed just looking at them! There were some VERY unruly girls there who insisted on opening up Dais gifts before her and I felt like I was going to lose it at the party.... so I kept the pictures out....

 At the end of a buys party weekend how else do cousins relax then sitting down and watching a movie together? I love this!