jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SO it happened, we celebrated my babe and his 2 years of life.

Some days it seems like he has been here forever (like the days when he just cries to hear his own voice, or when he runs away from me in a parking lot, or disappears from right beside me...I could go on:) But most days it feels like he was just placed on my chest, silent and looking around with his huge brown eyes. As I stroked his sweet face during his first breathes I remember thinking "This is only the beginning of so much love and so much fun" and he has been a riot eve since!

My 2 sisters!

SHe doesn't look SUPER satisfied with mamas finger :)

We also got to celebrate my sweet niece Daivia Joys birthday (she also turned 2)!

Could Joella be any more KISSABLE?

Dai was NOT into the bouncy house HA!


 SO I have like 50 pictures of Dai opening gifts but I found myself getting annoyed just looking at them! There were some VERY unruly girls there who insisted on opening up Dais gifts before her and I felt like I was going to lose it at the party.... so I kept the pictures out....

 At the end of a buys party weekend how else do cousins relax then sitting down and watching a movie together? I love this!


  1. awesomeness!and fyi you are hilarious! love you woman!