jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sorry to be tardy to the party....

Well I have been out since mid June. My husband, son and I have moved out of our apartment and into a home! We have missed being home owners and are loving it (except the serious amount of broken pipes to fix).
So these pictures are from a while ago (2ish weeks) and I promise to get up pictures of our home soon:)

Tenn with Auntie Mal

I think the most effective way to work on a new bike is naked, right?

Sun bathing:)

We went to my friend Annies home and I got to hang out with her sweet and perfect babies. Here is a few pictures (of apparently just Jackson, her youngest).
I love this beefy baby:)

I have 15 pictures like this. When I would try to take a picture of Tenn, Jack seemed to wander in...

"Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know, I look amazing".

Jack is entertained, not so much Tenn

Tenn is (apparently) WAY too mature to find a baby's joke funny.

Love it.
And for the grand finale, we visited my 3 fav girls. My sweet nieces Ticiana, Daivia and Joella!

To keep baby entertained (while the plumber was here to fix another broken pipe) we had a photo shoot:)
Thanks for the patience, now that I have my computer set up again I will post house pictures asap:)

Happy Tuesday.

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