jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Monday, August 1, 2011

Double time.

After waiting for some sun I can tell you that now (On August 1st) that Summer is here. I think she has been around for a few days now and i gotta say, my heart is full of joy. It is WORK to entertain a 2 year old boy when it is raining outside!
I am amazed that every stinkin day my babe turns away from babyhood and is quickly becoming a real boy. He still manages to keep me close my saying "Mama I wanna hold you" a handful of times a day. SO what is a mama to do? Yep, I drop everything and hug him. I ask him if I can kiss him forever and tell him I love him so much. I mean, what do you do?
I am fully aware that in a blink of an eye I will be signing him up for pre school (in a year!) and then we will be figuring out Jr High school supplies (and math:)) and then he will graduate. I may sound ahead of myself but ask any mama of grown kids, it happens *this* fast.
I am aware, and so I choose to love hard.
Tenn skinned his knee on the driveway requiring 1 band aid. He screamed about 1 but the 3 I wasted to calm him down were fine....

 SO with a 2 year old we have started watching what we say, some words are off limits (like the word diarrhea, Tenn doesn't know what it is but if we use the word he will immediately say "UM MM, I love to eat diarrhea"!) Another word that is of limits in the word "shower", Tennyson is obsessed with everything shower related.

No, those are NOT my hairy legs, daddy said "the word" and so he had to take a shower with our kid!

 On Saturdays Maple Valley has this great farmers market, Daniel had never been so we went in search of 1 thing: a doughnut that I once saw there that is 12 inches in diameter, and the market did not disappoint.

I know there is no frame of reference for the size but it IS 12 inches across, promise. And we 3 ate it in 2 minutes.

gramma came for a visit and brought Tenns fav present! BOOKS!
 The perfect thing about a little boy is that he loves the simple things, like a glass top table....

I spy a PLANE!

not to glorify a fit but seriously, who can feel bad for a fake cry face like this?

I have issues keeping my eyes fully open....

Tenn found an old sprinkler and holds it as shown above and says "CHEESE!"

Love my sweet babe, happy Monday.

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