jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A snail of a tale.

Ok, so they are not snails, but slugs. And this isn't much of a tale about them but seriously, could a mama and daddy slug be more adorable? Do you see what they are hugging? Well I assume it is a baby snail egg (do snails lay eggs?) how sweetly adorable.
Well back to my family. The 3 weeks of summer that we had here in Seattle was so much fun and I loved every moment of letting my boy go outside naked. But atlas we are back to after nap play times in our pajamas. Well, I will take what I can get:) I just love watching my boy turn into a REAL boy and relish any amount of time he gets outside.
When we get outside his first request is "Naked please mama" and he tugs at his diaper. Melt my heart, he loves to be naked and for some reason I find that SO endearing. 

This weekend we had Daniels mom and dad over as well as his sister, her husband and their 3 (yes 3!) girls (all 4 and under) over and we hit the zoo. And it was so great (until nap time hit:) And when I say that I must admit that I no longer look at parents with judgmental eyes when their kids throw fits. Let's be serious. A toddler fit has VERY little to do with discipline and MASS amounts to do with luck (time of day, how well a nap went, how good a snack was...I could go on for days on the variables effecting a toddlers attitude).
OK, I am off the tangent...the ZOO!

My boy straight up is a natural at goat feeding. Be jealous. Because God knows I didn't demonstrate this calmness around farm animals to him. 

I always (secretly) want Tenn to pee on his fathers neck.... well just 5% of me does.  I am a terrible person, I know.

This is what my nightmares are made of.

If you can recall our vacation with the Cole/Towell clan last year you will remember Tenn flipped out on a Carousel ride. Well we decided to NEVER pay money again for him to go on one. This kid is out of control. Hand into a goats mouth but won't sit on a fake horse....
Or a chair surrounded by fake horses. This is right about when Daddy got off the ride and handed me my kid with a "you do it" face:)


When we reached the aquarium of the zoo Tenn spent 20 minutes looking for Nemo, and we finally found him.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Cute!! I loved your tangent, you are an amazing mama! Tenn and Ava are so blessed.