jesus. husband. babies

jesus. husband. babies

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well, we tried.

We decided to take pictures this year and give them as Christmas gifts to family. On a side note I always feel ridiculous doing that "Hey, Merry Christmas, here is my face to look at"! But lets be serious, grandparents love it.

SO we set out to get it done. Let me show you a few gems:

Let me tell you a few things I notice about this picture:
1. My husband looks weird (this is NOT his smile, I have never seen this smile before and I hope to never see it again).
2.Clearly Ava doesn't recognize him with this smile, notice she is staring thinking "Who is this man and why can't he wipe that ridiculous smile off his face?"
3. Why does my boy look like he is trying NOT to smile?

Clearly at this point Ava just decided the action was better anyplace else than where she was. 

We have over 180 pictures that were taken. In 90% of them Ava is looking at us or the camera as if to say "Who is this freak family and where did they put my real parents!"

There are a lot of things wrong with this one:

Tenn caught the bored bug:

Lighting issues (we will leave it at that):

Everybody seems to be a little worn down, a photo shoot is very hard work!

Again, too many things going wrong here to even begin to mention:

Getting warmer.....


And this, dear friends, is the best you will get with 2 kids that (apparently) were not in the mood for a photo shoot:

Happy 2013 :)